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Is your Servo Motor causing you trouble? Then Böhme Electro-Machines is your place for fast and professional service

We possess State-of-the-Art equipment. And thanks to our vast collection of alignment data, gathered from vast experience with countless orders, we can carry out multifaceted tests and repair measures with maximum efficiency. When your servo motor is malfunctioning, you no longer have to take the difficult route of going through the manufacturer. We can fix it within a very short time, so that you can keep your work stoppage to a minimum.
No matter if we are dealing with a Bautz servo motor or an Indramat servo motor: we can take care of machines from many different manufacturers. We can repair a Bautz motor just as flawlessly and quickly as a Lenze or a Seidel servo motor. And our expertise is in no way limited to only domestic motors. It also covers products from foreign manufacturers, such as Fanuc and Pacific Scientific servo motors.

In addition, our high-tech equipment and know-how enables us to repair a wide-range of various motor types.

-AC and DC Motors
-1 and 3 Phase Motors
-Metric as well as Imperial (inch) servo motors
-Stepper motors
-Spindle and Permanent Magnet Motors

Combined Expertise in Motor Repair: Böhme Electro-Machines

One of the most important foundations of the Böhme Electro-Machines firm is our excellently trained technicians. Our repair specialists possess extensive technical qualifications, as well as many years of practical experience in the servo motor repair business. Thanks to OEM testing devices and knowledge of technical specifications, no repair task is impossible for our team.
No less important is our dense network of suppliers. Thanks to our numerous contacts, we can obtain nearly any replacement part required – even very exotic pieces. This also has the result that our replacement part store room is now very well stocked, so that for the most part, we can immediately get to work on nearly any repair order.

Every Conceivable Repair Measure from a Single Source

The spectrum of our repair work is likewise enormous. We test stator windings, replace bearings, repair armature, turn and mill collectors, rewind the motor, impregnate and cure the windings. As a final check, we meticulously test all of the electro-mechanical properties of the servo motor.
In our laboratory for electronic repair, we work on a component level: tachometers, rotary encoders, resolvers, Hall sensors, as well as tachsyns, can all be brought back into perfect working shape by us. Furthermore, in our workshop, we take care of damaged shafts that we dynamically balance in order to eliminate vibration. In addition we rework bearing shields and repair motor housings.
After we finished doing our repair work, your motor is returned to you practically brand new. Since we replace every worn part, the life-expectancy of the motor after the servo motor repair becomes that of an entirely new machine!

The Individual Steps of OUR contract Process:

After receiving the contract application, your consignment is sent to us by parcel or courier service. We then register the consignment in our computer system, and assign it a unique order number. Finally, we carry out a receiving inspection which will allow us to draw up a cost estimate. This is sent to you, and only after you have given us your consent, do we turn your machine over to a technician to be worked on. This technician then carries out the necessary repairs – if necessary in collaboration with another department. Upon completion of the repair work, your motor is very carefully packed for secure transport, and returned to you.
Numerous well-known customers have relied on our more than 70 years of experience and distinguished expertise. For Siemens servo motor repair, as well as for the repair of motors of many other manufacturers, Böhme Electro-Machines is your best choice. We take care of your order quickly and with the best possible quality so that you can resume normal work production as soon as possible. Give us a call anytime!

Our Formula for Success – Your Advantages:

  • reliable and comprehensive repair work
  • turn-around time with an ‚ExpressOption‘
  • good prices, free cost-estimate possible
  • dedicated customer service
  • one-year guarantee



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