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Immediate Repair of Lenze-Servo-Motors

With industrial processing and manufacturing there are a variety of machines in operation that are often driven with the help of a servo-motor. Should this motor fail, then in most cases, regular operation has to be suspended. To enable a speedy return to normal service, Böhme Electro-Machines repairs Lenze-Servo-Motors in record time. Whereas repair by the original manufacturer of the machine will likely cost you a lot of time and frayed nerves, our experienced team of technical experts can immediately get to work to eliminate any and every problem with your motor. The models that we repair are grouped into asynchronous and alternating current motors:

Lenze: Servo-Motors with German Roots

The Lenze Group was founded in the Lower-Saxony town of Aerzen in 1947. Since the 1980s, Lenze has been manufacturing servo-motors along with their many other products in the field of drive systems and automation technology. Today, the Group consists of numerous companies in various regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. All together they have approximately 3,300 employees.

Repairs without a Long Waiting Period

When repairing Lenze-Servo-Motors we normally reckon with a 7-14 day window. However, we also offer an ExpressOption- service, whereby the repairs will be completed in a 24-48 hour period. This website is neither supported nor legitimated by any manufacturer indicated here. Böhme Electro-Machines is an independent contractor, and not authorized by any of the producers listed. All trademarks as well as brand names that appear here, are the property of the respective owners.

Our Formula For Success – Your Advantages:

  • reliable and comprehensive repairs
  • rapid turnaround time with an Express Option
  • very reasonable prices, free estimate available
  • dedicated customer service staff
  • one-year guarantee



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